Facebook Live: Molly Mahoney on How to Build Your Audience and Sell Your Online Courses

facebook live 1

“How will I sell my online course when I don’t have a mailing list?”

This is one of the most common questions we get from aspiring and new online course creators alike. Even those who have an audience and mailing list eventually find themselves having to reach new prospects.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new and effective ways to help you, dear reader, to get more exposure and build your audience.

One of the hottest ways to do so is through Facebook Live. In fact, one of our Course Builder’s Laboratory students, Molly Mahoney of Thepreparedperformer.com, has been using Facebook Live, not just to build her audience but also to sell and deliver her courses.

I caught up with Molly on—where else—Facebook Live where she shared some of her most closely guarded secrets, such as:

  • What to do to get people to watch your FB Live broadcast—and what to do when you do go live and NOBODY watches
  • Whether you should broadcast on your personal page, in a group, or on your business page—and what to talk about in each
  • Why Facebook Live is an especially effective medium for online course creators—and the exact tools, skills, and attitude you need to succeed
  • The best ways to get people from your Facebook Live video into your mailing list
  • How to use Facebook Live, not only to build your email list, but also to sell and even deliver your online course

Watch the interview below:

Have you tried Facebook Live? What’s keeping you from using it to build an audience and sell more seats in your course?