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You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, and it’s all about the mindset. But how often have YOU heard of someone wishing good things into his life successfully? Anyone who claims they have is probably pulling your leg. Here’s the truth: mindset is only part of it.

There are 2 other important components that make the Law of Attraction really attract success into your life!

Today’s guest, John Assaraf, is founder and CEO of NeuroGym, and a best-selling author who has appeared on most major TV programs like Larry King Live, was featured in The Secret documentary. John and Danny discuss the two things that must follow the right mindset if you want to succeed. Also, discover:

  • John’s shocking start in life that almost left him dead
  • The 3 things you need to have to make the Law of Attraction work
  • The strange way our brains work and how to use them differently
  • What causes Harvard grads to fail at life and business

John’s life went from a one-way ticket to jail to a juggernaut of success based on what he’s sharing on today’s episode of Business Reimagined. Before you dismiss the power of positive thought, see what John has to say about it.

  • At 3:00 – John talks about “true north,” and how he lets this simple concept guide his life and his decisions.
  • At 9:00 – There are a lot of mental training programs, positive thinking gurus, etc., and John explains what they leave out, and why NeuroGym is very different.
  • At 13:00 – John explains how his process is more like using an owner’s manual to the most powerful organ we have: our brain.
  • At 17:00 – John explains the difference between fear of actual things versus fear of the feelings associated with them, and how to break the cycle for things like public speaking.
  • At 20:00 – There is a time when fear is acceptable, and there’s a time it isn’t. John explains the distinction that will change the way you look at what scares you.

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