Becoming an Urban Monk with Pedram Shojai

Becoming an Urban Monk with Pedram Shojai

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘urban monk?’ Do you picture some guy in a robe meditating on top of a skyscraper? Maybe you’re thinking of meditation 2.0 and some guru’s new, flowery method of finding inner peace.

Not even close.

Today’s guest, Pedram Shojai, is anything but flowery. While his knowledge is ancient and comes from his time with kung fu masters, ascetic monks, and even the Dali Lama, Pedram is a dad. He’s an entrepreneur and a realist.

And he wants you to be well.

It starts with three minutes at a time, and they type of meditation you can do while driving. Then, take a look at your schedule. Do you suffer from ‘time compression?’ Have you scheduled in the things you need to be well, things like family?

What is all your busyness really doing to your energy level, and how do you get more of it?

Pedram answers these questions and more on today’s Business Reimagined.

Download the transcript here.

      • At 4:00 – Pedram talks about the average person, and his motivation for writing the book, Urban Monk.
      • At 9:00 – These are the questions you need to answer as an entrepreneur, and a practical way to increase your energy levels. Pedram calls it energy profit, and explains where to reinvest it.
      • At 12:00 – The real secret to meditation, and it’s not nearly as complicated or flowery as you’ve been led to believe by other gurus.
      • At 14:00 – The best word you can learn to say is ‘no.’ Pedram talks about the concept of time compression, and what it does to your mind. There is a formula for directing your attention, and Pedram explains what it is.
      • At 20:00 – Pedram explains one simple way to feel more present and connected without the lure of the entire world at your dinner table.