Create a Zappos Culture with Robert Richman


Zappos Culture Robert Richman

I’m sure you’ve heard of the shoe company, Zappos, and their amazing workplace culture. They have a popcorn machine in the lobby. Does that mean you should get a popcorn machine, too?

Is creating culture really that simple?

Yes and no, according to the man who helped Zappos pioneer their corporate culture training, Robert Richman. Today, he talks about what makes a great company culture, not JUST for existing companies, but those that are a single person scaling up. Discover:

  • The experience attendees to the Zappos training get from the minute they walk in the door
  • Why culture is more about belief that specific actions
  • The two things you need to establish to make a great culture
  • AND, how to create a culture for yourself as a solopreneur

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or one who’s about to start scaling, culture is something you need to latch onto now. Don’t miss this episode!

  • At 7:00 – Culture is about way more than a notebook of tactics, and Robert talks about ‘game changers’ as simple as a popcorn machine and as sweeping as company meetings.
  • At 12:00 – Robert gives 2 tips for instant change in your company, even (and especially) if you’re a solopreneur.
  • At 14:00 – Danny and Robert address the issue of firing people who seem hard to replace, and the benefit of getting rid of what doesn’t work at a company, even people.
  • At 16:00 – Robert calls out managers who are habitually late for meetings, and explains how that kills culture in a company.
  • At 22:00 – Robert goes into detail about how new entrepreneurs can and should create culture from day one, and why it can be a challenge for distributed companies.

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